May 03 2013, 01:17 PM

my family won’t stop hovering!

every single time I walk into a room, I hear:

  • "how ya feeling?" (I’m huge and uncomfortable, just like I was THIRTY MINUTES AGO when you asked.)
  • "still pregnant?" (no, I’m not pregnant anymore. I had the baby up in my room. I decided not to bother anybody. he’s sleeping in his crib.)
  • "I can’t believe you got this huge." (I can’t believe you’re so fat and don’t get on a fucking treadmill.)
  • "I wish he would come out already. I want to see him. (….I’ve been carrying him for 9 months now, think how I feel.)
  • "isn’t he ready to come out yet?" (CLEARLY NOT!)
  • *attempt to talk to my belly* (*walk out of room*)

they’re literally so fucking annoying. if I take a midday nap, they’re waking me up to make sure I’m okay. if I walk by myself down to wawa, they have a heart attack. if I get a pain in my pelvis, they think I’m going into labor. like just leave me the hell alone. being pregnant isn’t some new, dangerous thing I’m doing. yes, I’m big and uncomfortable. but everyone fucking bugging me about it all the time doesn’t help. it just makes me want to kill everyone that speaks to me.

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